Helping people work online, Zoho today announced it has added five more applications to the Google Apps Marketplace: Zoho Creator, Zoho Discussions, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Reports and Zoho Wiki.

Apart from these five new applications, Zoho also integrated CRM, Projects, Invoice, Books, Recruit and Zoho Creator Helpdesk with Google Apps Marketplace. With over 10 applications integrated, Zoho becomes the largest software provider on Google Apps Marketplace.

“We have tens of thousands of customers using Zoho applications in the Google Apps Marketplace, so it’s clear our users want this kind of integration,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “While Google is a competitor, they are also often a collaborator we work with wherever it can benefit our users. Going forward, Zoho and Google users can look forward to even more Zoho applications making their way to the Google Apps Marketplace as well as integration enhancements for the apps already there.”