BigDoor, the free gamification platform that increases user engagement, loyalty and monetization, has announced the launch of the BigDoor Engagement Economy, a way for sites to engage their users while monetizing their content.

BigDoor provides website owners with a branded virtual currency that serves as a conduit for user rewards. Quests are a critical component of BigDoor’s Engagement Economy and are sold to advertisers on a Cost Per Quest (CPQ) basis. CPQ offers an entirely new, performance based, ad format meant to reward end users for their time and attention while engaging deeply with online brands.

Cost Per Quest (CPQ) increases revenue for websites by implementing directed engagement tasks that are driven by user rewards. BigDoor’s Engagement Economy allows advertisers to create a series of social tasks that direct users to visit multiple sites and engage them more deeply across their brand by employing gamification techniques. The user earns rewards, including badges, virtual currency and discounts, for completing quests.

“Gamification should be a profit center and not a cost center,” said Keith Smith, BigDoor Co-Founder and CEO. “Quests are the first step in the Engagement Economy that brings advertisers, publishers and users together through an engaging game layer.”

The BigDoor Engagement Economy is currently in private beta.