MusicDrop and BoxyTunes both have the same aim – to turn online storage service DropBox into a fully functioning cloud music service. Both MusicDrop and BoxyTunes stream music from your DropBox account, pulling in cover artwork and other information.

MusicDrop allows you to listen to your music collection stored in your Dropbox account on your iPhone. The app gets its content right out of your Dropbox account.

– No need to use iTunes and cables to get your music onto your iOS device.
– Background playback support for iOS4.
– Displays the album artwork of .m4a files.
– Retina display support.
– Supports caching of audio files on the device using a LRU based cache.

BoxyTunes is an audio, music, and podcast player for Dropbox!. Wirelessly play music or podcasts on your iOS device. With BoxyTunes, you create a music playlist that’s built from any song in your Dropbox account.

Mac users: Create a symbolic link in Dropbox to your iTunes podcast directory. This will let you wirelessly get podcasts from Dropbox as your computer downloads them at home. BoxyTunes supports mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, mp4, caf, and aac files.