Nokia’s latest update from the Ovi Store shows impressive stats. The Store now serves up to five million downloads a day, with 158 developers from 41 countries having passed the one million downloads milestone.

The size of the Store has grown by nearly eight times in one year, with more than 40,000 apps now available. About 1000 new apps are added every week.

In a statement to share the new updates, Josh Martin, senior analyst, Strategy Analytics said:

“In about a year, Nokia’s Ovi Store has gone from approximately one million downloads per day to up to five million downloads per day today, and the velocity appears to be increasing, fueled largely by Series 40 and new Symbian devices,” said Josh Martin, senior analyst, Strategy Analytics. “At this new rate, that’s nearly 2 billion annualized downloads and with the company’s new direction, app developers can surely capitalize on this growth today and in the future with the estimated approximately 150 million Symbian devices that Nokia expects to deliver.”

As a brand, Nokia is one of the leaders when it comes to smartphone users with the numbers reaching a staggering 200 million.


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