Foodia has launched a combination Yelp & Mint for food products. On the web app, now in public beta, anyone can review their favorite (or not so favorite) foods, and then share them with their friends. They can also get easy-to-digest health or sustainability highlights at a glance.

The site breaks down the important issues related to our day-to-day consumption and puts them in an easily digestible format: all foods—from boxes of cereal to Brussels sprouts—have specific pages with four basic components: basic product info, a health score, a section on environmental impact, and reviews or relevant links as posted by users.

The approach combines both user-generated content and algorithmically-derived health and sustainability metrics to help consumers find good food.

The Foodia team, comprised of Stanford and MIT graduates, designed and built their application to be the consumer’s go-to resource for food decisions—from “what to buy?” at the market to “what should I eat for breakfast?”