Garage48 events started in Estonia in April 2010 and have expanded to other countries in Northern Europe and Africa since then. All Garage48 events are held in English and have about 100 participants from different countries. Participants have different skills, ranging from software development to design, marketing and management.

How it works
Garage48 events usually start at 5pm on a Friday evening. All participants gather together in a big room and pitch about 30 to 40 ideas on stage. Each idea is put on the wall and everyone can choose their favourite idea and team. Usually about 12-15 ideas will be selected and teams start working.

Garage48 is expanding into 5 African countries. In a statement released on Garage48’s blog, Ragnar Sass said:

“Waka Waka for African startups. The team of Garage48 is happy to announce that in cooperation with two famous technological giants Google and Nokia there will be first two Garage48 events in Africa. The first event will be in Lagos, Nigeria from 6th until 8th of May. The second event is in Accra, Ghana from 13th until 15th of May. Our goal in 2011 is to organize the event in five different countries, we are currently doing preparations to have the events also in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.”

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