# Building an amazing product that is worthy of sharing is the beginning of marketing or better still build a great product that solves real problems and looks good and the word will get out.
# Gathering email addresses of interested people pre-launch using a splash page, sending an email announcement to them upon launch.
# Having key influencers in the industry get a sneak preview and talk about your application
# Build a network of influencers and industry leaders and let me know about your pre-launch.
# Giving out a limited number of invitations
# Set up a website that has at the front one short sentence describing what the startup is about.
# For maximum exposure , you can also volunteer to talk about your startup or industry. Take advantage of industry events, demo conferences, meetups and gatherings.
# Organize a contest and enter a startup pre-launch competition
# Get Scoble to talk about it.
# Spreading the word in relevant technology blogs, analyst blogs, tech magazines and reviews.
# And of course engage users in relevant social media platforms
# You can also try Launchrock

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