iWould is a wish-list dating app launched last month by Columbia University MBA graduates Jon Budish and Tariq Chaudhri. iWould allows you to go through your friend list and select anywhere from one to ten people you’d be interested in romantically. The application cross-references your list with those of your friends also using the app. If someone you selected put you on their list, you’ll both get a notice of the match.

“We’re trying to help people connect with someone they’re having a hard time connecting with, someone in your life,” Mr. Budish said. He argued, rather ironically, that starting a relationship with someone can be hard if you kind of already know them, “Sometimes that’s the most difficult part of dating.”

How it Works:
Step 1. Select 1-10 people to include in your “iWould List.”
Step 2. Submit your iWould List
Step 3. If someone on your “iWould List” has included you in their “iWould List”, you will both receive an email informing you of the match.

Your “iWould List” is 100% private. No one but you will ever see your iWould List. Additionally, no one in your “iWould List” will receive any notification in any form suggesting that they appear in your “iWould List”. Your “iWould List” is for your eyes only!


  1. Christ. Some days I think Facebook is going to take over the world and form it's own economy.

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