Showyou is a fun and immersive social video app for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Watch the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Vodpod, all in one place, the Showyou Grid.

Features include:
– The Showyou Grid, a customizable and awesomely fun-to-use 2D grid of nearly 1000 videos
– The Showyou Feed, where you can watch and talk about videos with your friends on Showyou
– Find and follow your friends on Showyou, or invite them to get the app
– Customize your Grid by inviting your friends, connecting to all your social networks, and following other Showyou members
– When you see a video you love, share it on Showyou or your other social networks with a tap (Facebook, Twitter)
– Tell your friends when you like a video they have shared by “thanking” them
– Get notified when your friends thank you for sharing a video, or comment on a video you shared
– Share videos you see while browsing the web — just send an e-mail to
– Showyou is made for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch