, a social news service developed in collaboration with Betaworks, a technology incubator, and The New York Times Company, is ready for its debut. is a newsfeed that uses artificial intelligence to monitor what people are reading and learn what they like to read; it then provides articles and links that will probably be of interest. The service will also display popular articles that are ricocheting around the Web through sites like Twitter and allow its users to save interesting articles to read later, using Instapaper, or share them through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

To use the application, you will need an iPad and a Twitter account. To receive the daily email, you’ll need a Twitter account and an email account.

John Borthwick, chief executive officer at Betaworks, said on Wednesday that the application, which will be available first for the iPad, is scheduled to appear in the Apple iTunes store for download beginning today, April 21st. The iPad application is subscription-based, costing 99 cents a week or $34.99 for the year. Those without iPads can also sign up to receive free daily digests of article recommendations via e-mail.

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