The Washington Post Company has launched Trove, a free, personalized site that aggregates news across subjects of interest and important headlines of the day.

Trove creates a customized news experience that factors in a reader’s likes and dislikes, combining technology with expertise from the newsroom. And Trove’s “Comments” feature invites users to connect with others who share similar interests.

Trove takes advantage of Facebook Connect to pull in a user’s interests as outlined by his or her Facebook profile to help jump start the personalization part of the equation.

Beyond algorithms, an editorial team selects news of the day— “Editors’ Picks”—to feature on Trove. Trove’s editors also create subject-based channels that feature recommended sources. And users can create their own channels to capture news about a personal interest that may not already exist on Trove.

Trove is available on the desktop, Android and Blackberry phones.