HeyWire, created by MediaFriends, is a Multi-Screen Texting and Chat Service that delivers free international messaging with a real phone number. The company hopes to empower people to connect with each other in better ways using Mobile Messaging, IM, Facebook and Twitter on virtually any Internet enabled device.

Heywire’s service is free. Texting from a real phone number costs real money so what the company does is to place a small ad within the app, thereby keeping your messages flying around the world for FREE. HeyWire does use data so make sure you have a data plan or use Wifi where available. For your friends not on HeyWire… Standard text messaging rates apply to text a U.S. Phone Number (nothing extra).

WORLDWIDE with friends using HeyWire,this is what you get:

Facebook Chat & Gtalk
HeyTweets – Twitter via SMS Worldwide
Group Messaging with 10 friends
HeyLo – Locate + Text HeyWire Friends
SmartSMS – TXT Auto-Reply, Safe Driving Mode


  1. OTR is a start, but IRM/DRM is a necessity too… Its insane that most of the more popular comm apps #1 do not always transmit data securely, #2 rarely encrypt the messages outside of transit #3 almost never provide end to end protection (sys admin probability have a stockpile of who knows…)

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