Crowdbooster founders believe that Twitter presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to develop genuine, one-on-one relationships with their customers. You are there to represent the business not only as someone with interesting and relevant things to say, but also as a leader of a community who actively participates and understands what the community is looking for.

Crowdbooster’s goal is to help you do the hard work of building a connection with your fans by giving you insightful and actionable information about your social media presence.

Crowdbooster helps you achieve an effective presence on Twitter. The app shows you analytics that aren’t based on abstract scores but numbers that are connected to your business and your social media strategies: impressions, total reach, engagement, and more. We then give you the tools and recommendations you need to take action and improve each one of these metrics.

The platform will also be able to calculate the best time for you to send out a new tweet. This calculation is based on how well your tweets have performed historically at different times of day, as well as when your Twitter followers are most likely to be online.


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