Every startup needs targeted audience to use the product or service being offered and if you are able to get influences to even know about what you are building or have created, it can greatly increase the level of awareness for your product. Influential bloggers receive a lot of tips and product review requests from mostly PR managers or communication managers. If you are looking to attract more users to your product or service, you will find these tips useful.

  1. First and foremost an awesome product or service that solves a real problem in an efficient manner will attract bloggers.
  2. Most bloggers have email and other contact information up, make the most of their emails.
  3. Respond to Requests in a Reasonable Time Frame
  4. Be Persistent. Emails get pushed down in the inbox and forgotten. Send a reminder or two and try to get a conversation going. Do not come across as too demanding to get a review.
  5. Start a blog. This is very crucial. It is also a good way for bloggers to find out about new releases and milestones via your RSS feed. We subscribe to tons of feeds. We are always searching for the best news out there we can proudly write. If you do not write about yourself, it may be difficult to be found.
  6. You can also use your blog to promote bloggers who write about you. Other bloggers will see this and want to write about you too.
  7. Encourage your employees to blog too. Links grant authority and build branding.
  8. Create a simple and easy to grasp product description. Tell me what your product does immediately in crisp and interesting prose.
  9. Tell a Story. Bloggers want to tell a story. Help us tell it better
  10. Put your location, contact information, team bios, faqs, blog and other important information up on the site in an easy to find location. This is the kind of information that help to create a simple post. If you make it difficult to find the relevant info, the blogger will jump to another interesting app. Competition is keen.

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