Health website has just launched a new Child Immunisation Tracker app for the iPhone. The tracker is the first service of its kind in Ireland and has been designed to help parents keep track of their children’s vaccination history while also sending them timely reminders of when a further vaccination is due.

The personalised Immunisation Tracker is simple to use and provides reliable information. Parents enter basic information – the first name of their child, the child’s date of birth, their county of residence, their blood group, GP details and their e-mail address.

The app sends timely ‘push’ reminders to your iPhone when vaccines are due, as well as providing lots of information on childhood diseases and the vaccines used to prevent them.

A powerful exclusive feature of this app is that, in the event of a disease outbreak eg. measles or swine flu, can send an instant ‘alert’ via the app to all parents.

The app also has a ‘live’ feed of breaking child health news stories from In addition, you can email a copy of each child’s full schedule to the address of your choice – whether this is your GP or simply to send yourself a copy for back-up purposes.

Available at the Appstore

The Child Immunisation Tracker app will be of immense help to developing countries. But most parents in developing countries do not have iPhones. An SMS app will be very suitable for emerging countries. A lot of parents have feature phones and most phones will be able to access an SMS app. The value of Child Immunisation cannot be overemphasized in developing countries.


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