has announced that it has launched a new Internet-based mobile app distribution channel that provides a revolutionary way for consumers to download paid applications for free.

Similar to popular daily deal sites, will provide a different application each day, normally ranging in price from $0.99 to $9.99. Consumers are invited to complete a single online offer from an advertiser, such as a survey. After completing the offer, the app will be instantly sent to the consumer’s email address or mobile phone.

All OfferedApp advertisers are carefully selected to protect the consumer’s privacy. And consumers can visit the website daily to download as many free apps as they choose. Additionally, developers receive their full revenue-share for each download, making this beneficial for both the consumer and developer.

“We are giving users the opportunity to download some of the hottest and best-selling paid mobile applications, without having to pay for them,” said Greg Schwartz, Co-Founder of OfferedApp. “This model has seen great success with popular social gaming and alternative payment platforms. We are now bringing this model to the mobile app space.”