Most businesses need resources to get off the ground. Others rely on their experiences from the past. If you need assistance, inspiration, success stories in your niche business, guides and tips,there are countless entrepreneurs that have gone through the same toils building their own businesses. These resources will help you quick start your business with ease.

1. The Art Of Bootstrapping (via Guy Kawasaki)
2. Business Plan Sample
3. Business Start-Up Guide- pdf
4. Business Start-Up and Resource Guide-pdf
5. Start-up Legal Resource Guide. Prepared for the TiE Early Stage Financing Workshop-pdf
6. A free collection of the best entrepreneurial and business start-up tools and resources to help you successfully start and manage your own business.
7. 20 of the Best Resources to Get Your Startup Off the Ground
8. Startup Success ebook – 50+ startup tools and resources
9. An Annotated List of Software Startup Resources
10. Y Combinator Startup Library
11. The Entrepreneur’s Handbook
12. The Startup Kits
13. eHow’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship

1. How to Raise Start-Up Capital

1. An Accounting Guide For Startups

Some of these resources and links can also be found at the Alltopstartups resource page

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