The growing mobile penetration rate and use of SMS in Ghana continue to drive more services in mobile technology. SMS or text messaging is an effective tool for business communications because of its simplicity, ease of use and reach.

There’s so much happening around that you sometimes get overwhelmed. When did this or that happen? You wish you heard or got to know of something that interests you as it happens or immediately it happens. You wish you got only the relevant part of the information as soon as it happened.

The fact is you hardly have enough time to watch television or listen to the radio and you don’t carry them with you on the go. But you have the power right on you mobile phone. Esanoya gives you the freedom to receive alerts of your interest through text messages.

AlertGh a free product of Esanoya Groupe allows subscribers to receive free alerts of their interest, while enabling advertisers to serve targeted ads. AlertGh sends you timely and relevant alerts for free and free news alerts include local and international news items, health, sports, events, and entertainment news as it happens. AlertGh is currently available in Ghana.