Qualcomm Incorporated has announced the immediate commercial availability of its Augmented Reality (AR) Platform for Android smartphones.

Offered through Qualcomm’s online developer network, the release marks the successful completion of the Company’s beta program. Developers can now build, market and commercially distribute applications based on the Qualcomm AR platform.

Qualcomm’s AR platform will enable a broad range of experiences that entertain, engage and inform consumers with a new form of interactive media.

The platform’s rich feature set enables developers to build high-performance, interactive 3D experiences on real world images, such as those used in print media (books, magazines, brochures, tickets, signs) and on product packaging.

Augmented reality helps users get information about their surroundings, enhances their social networking experience and also comes in handy as a marketing and translation tool. But the highlight will no doubt be the gaming experience. With the help of AR, you will be able to merge virtual reality games with actual reality.

#The platform supports multiple development environments.
#The Qualcomm AR Android SDK supports native Android development with the Android tool chain, including the Android SDK and NDK.
#The Qualcomm AR Unity Extension supports rapid development with the Unity 3 game development tool.
#A web application is also included for creating and managing image resources that can be used with either development environment.