After more than three years in development, Eyeview Digital is starting to implement its technology for advertisers such as Johnson & Johnson and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Eyeview develops technology solutions that enable advertisers and agencies to create and target personalized video ads. Eyeview aspires to bring the most comprehensive, advanced video advertising technology solution to the market. Th technology enhances brand quality video ads by adding dynamic compositions that are updated and targeted in real-time. With Eyeview’s technology, advertisers provide a more personal, relevant, local and brand effective video experience.

How it works
Eyeview’s technology allows advertisers to customize video ads in real time, targeting different demographics and geographies with various creative. So for example, a retailer could customize for the weather, a movie studio for a local megaplex, a local auto dealer for different local markets.

Eyeview has raised $6 million over three years from Google exec chairman Eric Schmidt’s investment vehicle Innovation Endeavors, as well as Lightspeed Partners and Gemini Israel Funds.

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