vdoDesign Labs, a mobile video app provider, has unveiled the beta launch of ‘SquawkMe’ for iPhone. SquawkMe is a video & location sharing application that enables users to capture mobile videos, tag them geographically, and instantly distribute them on Facebook and Twitter.

SquawkMe also allows viewers to geographically connect and see events within their proximity by clicking on an “in-app” map, which displays all the videos (or ‘Squawks’) being shared around them. Squawks are automatically ‘pegged’ to a user’s exact location, and provide an ongoing visual archive of events that have been captured in that location.

Given recent events in the world, Squawking will allow people to video-capture exciting moments and tag their location instantly,” said Arash Mahin, co-founder and CEO of vdoDesign Labs. “When you think of SquawkMe, think Foursquare plus YouTube!”