If you can’t get to the office to scan a document then you will love scanR! . ScanR turns your smartphone into a mini mobile scanner with a few clicks. Your mobile camera captures the image, scans it and develops a PDF file. You can then e-mail or fax the file to your clients or team for quick delivery.

scanR lets you use your camera phone to scan, print and fax. To turn your paper documents and whiteboards into useful digital information, use scanR on your mobile phone. The scanR service produces clean copies of documents and whiteboards, extracts text information and creates an Adobe PDF file or fax.

The idea is to use the device as a portable scanner that makes it easy to enter written information in computer-readable form.

scanR’s streaming file viewer lets you rapidly find the page and view even large documents without memory concerns. Scans are available for viewing on your smartphone and as a genuine Adobe PDF emailed back to the user’s registered email address.