Versly, San Francisco, has a new cloud-based collaborative content aggregator that integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the Web and mobile devices so groups can stay organized from anywhere, at any time. Versly’s team consists of some of the original Java team from Sun Microsystems and former architects at WebLogic, Apache and Zimbra.

File Sharing
With just a click you can share a document with anyone in your address book and let them comment and update docs right from their inbox without ever having to register.

The Versly Sidebar inside Word, Powerpoint and Excel lets you give and receive feedback on the document you have in front of you, while it’s in front of you.

Stay Up-to-Date
Versly syncs to the cloud so your group will always be working from the latest version. Even better, if two people are editing at the same time we make it easy to merge your changes.

Archived File History
With every version of your document archived not only are your files safe but now you can go back to any version and download it or see what was new or removed.