SocialVibe, a digital advertising technology company, today announced the initial test of video engagements on the Facebook Platform. Leveraging SocialVibe’s unique value-exchange approach, people will be able to earn Facebook Credits simply by interacting with SocialVibe engagements.

Major global brands working with SocialVibe will issue Facebook Credits through SocialVibe’s video engagements in return for consumers’ attention to a brand experience.

SocialVibe’s engagement units reward consumers for their attention by providing a valued benefit in exchange for their interaction with a brand experience. By capturing consumers’ attention at a time when they are most receptive to participating, such as while playing a social game, donating to charity or accessing premium content, SocialVibe delivers unprecedented engagement rates to advertisers.

SocialVibe offers a wide range of engagement ad units that incorporate video, polls, games and other interactive features meant to encourage users to share the brand experience.

“Major brands recognize the massive influence and purchasing power of the 500 million people that use Facebook every month,“ said SocialVibe CEO Jay Samit. “Facebook Credits are an ideal value-exchange for consumers interacting with brand experiences on SocialVibe’s platform.”