These are good documents and templates for every startup founder. Compare, analysis and study these documents to guide you in preparing and gathering resources for your startup. You can also recommend these resources to your friends who have just started a business or about to start a business.

Mark Suster’s video talks about the key terms in the term sheet you need to know about AND how VCs calculate valuation differently than entrepreneurs and what to look out for.

Ycombinator open source term sheet is a good start for Seed deals.

Techstars model seed funding documents

NVCA (national venture capital association) standard template for Series A, B term sheets

Wilson Sonsini (one of most respected law firms in Silicon Valley) “term sheet generator”

Greg Martin created a DropBox PDF summary of Brad Feld’s best blog term sheet series.

Ted Wang’s (Fenwick & West) “Series Seed” set of documents.

Gunderson term sheet for a traditional Series A.

Ask the VC (Brad Feld and others) seed terms sheets and other start up documents.

The BVCA (British Venture Capital Association) legal docs for startups

Fred Wilson on the ideal first round term sheet

Andreessen Horowitz and Fenwick & West, LLP series of documents that would help structure early stage investments in startups.

Best summary of the standard term sheets via Gabriel Weinberg’s blog.