Pixamid is the new simplest way to share your iPhone photos with the right people. Mostly, you want to share photos with the same people you are with at any event, and not spam all of your Facebook friends.

As you take photos with Pixamid, the app shares them automatically with the friends you are with (and you will get their photos too, if taken with Pixamid). You can also share your photos with everyone at a certain place, or the whole world.

Features of the Camera:
– Automatic upload & sharing: Your pictures are automatically uploaded to a private Facebook album (NOTE: this album is set to be visible only to you). We also exchange photos with any of your Facebook friends who are at the same place or event, putting them into your Photo Timeline
– Fast, simple way to set where you are and who you are with: a few clicks will give us all the info we need to share smartly.
– Detects where you and your friends are, from Foursquare & Facebook Places
– Adding a friend to an event sends them a private Facebook wall post, letting them know where to find the pictures

Features from the Photo Timeline:
– Groups all your photos around events, making it easy to find the right picture on your phone.
– Automatically adds photos from friends or others at an event
– Shows info on where you were, and who you were with
– Add images from your Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, or Picasa accounts (must link accounts from the Pixamid.com website or the “Account Linking” page in settings).

Cartomapic is the maker of Pixamid