SkillPages is a skill based social network that is transforming the way people with skills connect to the people who need them. The platform brings together your real life friends and social connections to help you find skilled people you can trust and also, to get found by people who need your skill.

Anyone with “skills” looking to promote those “skills” is a candidate for SkillPages. Anyone looking to find somebody with a certain skill-set is a prospective user from the buying side. Unlike LinkedIn, which is viewed mostly as having a white collar member base, SkillPages attracts both blue and white collar professionals.

Your SkillPage is a “webpage for your skills”. People with any skill can create a unique and personal SkillPage e.g. On your SkillPage you can describe and demonstrate your skill through text, video, photos, and more.

Using your existing social networks, you can easily incorporate who you know and who you work with. Together, this creates the most accurate and credible representation of your skills that is available online.


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