Innobell makes calls and instant messaging on mobile devices inherently more social. With the Innobell Android App, you can watch videos, play games, share photos, and more all within a chat session or a phone call.

Innobell users can play games with each other, share photos or other content from Facebook, exchange money via PayPal, trade Wikipedia articles or websites, share their location courtesy of Google Maps and simultaneously watch YouTube videos together. Users can even exchange Groupons. The same content exchange possibilities are available to Innobell chat users.

Innobell was founded by 20-year-old Israeli entrepreneur Shai Magzimof who set out to build an application that would simplify the exchange of information over the phone. “If I’m connected to the person I’m talking to, why can’t I use all of my applications with that person?” he said. He also worked at several Israeli startups when he was younger