These entrepreneurs and startup founders keep sharing great wealth of information on business advice, updates on competitors, suggestions on how to raise funds, startup marketing etc. Learn from the best in the field and be good at leading or building your startup today. Twenty three of the best entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter include:

Steve Case – AOL/StartupAmerica – @stevecase
Mark Suster- GRP Partners-@msuster
GuyKawasaki-Garage Technology Ventures-@GuyKawasaki
Chris Dixon – SiteAdvisor/Hunch/FoundersCollective – @cdixon
Jack Dorsey – Twitter/Square – @jack
Anita Campbell -Small Business Trends@smallbiztrends
Tom Ryan – Threadless – @thomasryan
Mark Cuban – Broadcast/Mavs/etc – @mcuban
Andrew Mason – Groupon – @andrewmason
Dennis Crowley – Foursquare – @dens
Jason Fried – 37 Signals – @jasonfried
Dave Morin – Path – @davemorin
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn, @quixotic
Alexis Ohanian, reddit, @AlexisOhanian
Vinicius Vacanti, Yipit, @vacanti
Carter Cleveland,, @carterac
Justin Kan,, @justinkan
Tyler Crowley, Skweal & ThisWeekIn, @steepdecline
Bill Nguyen, color, @BillNguyen
Rich Skrenta, Blekko, @skrenta
Mick Hagen,, @mickhagen
Paul Graham, YCombinator, @paulg
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