1. Start by reading the “No Asshole Rule” by Bob Sutton, who is a professor at Stanford. University.Find more @ bobsutton.typepad.com . Listen to what Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh says about culture and what they did right. Robert Scoble
  2. Hiring recommendations from people you know and trust is especially important. Trust is key, and leveraging your network is a great way to find the right people.
  3. Be sure you hire the right person at the appropriate stage of your venture. In the early days, you obviously want to hire Bank Robbers (http://infochachkie.com/bank-rob…). As the company matures, you need to shift your focus to ATM Operators.
  4. Find a way to test out the candidate on a real work project before making a commitment to hire.I like to give a 1-2 day project as part of the interview process. Or even better if I can do it is bring them on as a contractor for a month before a full time offer is extended.Josh Breinlinger
  5. Hire for Attitude rather than Aptitude would be my main advice. Start-ups can’t nail down precise job descriptions and associated qualifications. It is mostly a team effort in which people complement and support each other as they pivot towards success. Jerome-Ternynck
  6. My best hires for start-ups have all had a few items in common: entrepreneurial values, well crafted and very open questions and an interviewing gauntlet. Rob McClinton
  7. At this point I only hire people who plan on moving the conversation, the business, the project forward. Anyone who is an “idea guy” or whose greatest skill is to say, “that won’t work because…” is not welcome on the team. Erica Friedman
  8. Hire “startup people” who worked at startups before, know what the startup life is and realize that they have to wear many hats, do so much, and learn so much. Georgiana Comsa
  9. Keep your core team full of people who are a) enthusiastic about what you are doing b) have a great attitude c) possess the skills you need, and; d) understand sacrifice. Farhad Meher Homji
  10. When you hire, hire for: Communications skills, Emotional intelligence and Curiosity/ambition. Ian Lurie