Garage48 is an event to turn your ideas into working prototypes or services within one weekend, just 48 hours.

Garage48 events started in Estonia in April 2010 and have expanded to other countries in Northern Europe and Africa since then. The event was held Lagos, Nigeria between May 6-8 2011.

9 teams started working on Friday evening and launched their new services on Sunday demo night on 8th of May at the Lagos Resource Centre, Victoria Island. The following projects were launched in the course of the event.

  1. Overall WINNER & Winner of public vote: CallCamp (Customer Service Aggregation Agency) – customer service is terrible in Nigeria. A service for companies to employ students to be used as call center agents.
  2. Runner-up for best execution: – making the “heling of other individuals” more effective. Extramiles will help you to sign up as an volunteer and donate your time for volunteer work.
  3. Runner-up for mobile app: MyCash – For people who track their expenses: people who need to budget (eg. students) can track and share their expenses.
  4. Runner-up for best local content: Cook ‘N Chop (initially Nigerian Food Recipe Web and Mobile Solution) – web and mobile app with recepies and guidelines (even videos) to make Nigerian food.
  5. Parkbench – Meet people to share the interests. See who’s near you and what are their interests. Helps real-life introductions. Combines location, people, and interests in mobile and web.
  6. Lecture Wall – an educational networking site and on-line educational community. Lecturers and students can meet. Lecturers can sell their lecture materials, students can get the materials and teachings.
  7. City Explorer – Applications helping to explore your city and promotes local businesses. Improve the search results for the off-line businesses.
  8. Evrica Events – event management system for Africa. Helps creating events and searching the events. Event publicity, registration and participation. A social booking system.
  9. Flippii – for Nigerian developers – share ideas and get feedback. Interested developers can join the project.