Garage48 in Accra is the second event in Africa to turn ideas into working product or prototype. The event in Accra, Ghana brought together developers, designers, marketers and business people working hard over the weekend in 6 teams to launch their products (prototypes). All six teams made live demos of products and services build within 48 hours. Each team was given three minutes to present a demo to the audience and Housing Directory was the judges’ choice.

Housing Directory was chosen as the winner of Garage48 Accra, Ghana by a panel of four judges. Housing Directory Brings together people looking for accommodation and people offering rooms or apartments. A channel for finding rooms and apartments. With maps and preference listings. The app Helps students and people moving to town to make a better choice of where to stay.

Back to Ghana won the audience choice award whilst One Item Per Day was selected as the best designed project and the fasted developed app over the weekend.

Item Per Day is an online retailer offering the best bargains on one product per day. You can check out the deal of the day very quickly once a day. And there’s always a chance you’ll find just what you were looking for at a great price!

Back to Ghana – is an on-line community with a mission to encourage Ghanaians who study abroad to come back to Ghana to work or create businesses.