1. The right way to launch is to have a story. Then try that story out on some early adopters.
  2. Make a blog and share your knowledge about your industry.
  3. Get a LaunchRock site to prepare for mainstream
  4. List your company on Angel List, StartupLi.st, CrunchBase, Listio etc
  5. Figure out the 10 inflencial bloggers you want to have see your product before you launch and get in touch with them
  6. Go to events and meet the right people.You can get in touch with some top rank VCs at in your niche and they will get you to the right places
  7. Dont try to fix yourself on TC or Mashable, once you get the traffic or the investors, Techcrunch or Mashable will write about it.
  8. Your team should also submit your project to all open listings and forums. This includes Hacker News, Reddit, Convore, Startupli.st, AngelPad, CrunchBase, KillerStartups, StartupWizz etc. Martin Shen
  9. Make a product that you yourself can’t stop using.
  10. Make your story compelling then find the people who would be interested in helping you tell that story. Pitch it yourself, be genuine, and be tenacious. Robert Pease
  11. Learn everything about the target market. The more you understand them, the easier it becomes to predict their behavior.
  12. Find opportunities to pitch at demo conferences.