Search Ninja makes it easy and quick to search the web with different search engines on your iPhone and iPod touch. The app offers users a query once, search everywhere experience that is expedient, intuitive and more practical than performing the same search queries across multiple sites or applications.

Search Ninja is optimized to help you find stuff quickly. Unlike other search apps, it is lightweight and it launches fast. You can perform a search using a bunch of search engines. Whether you want to perform the good old Google search, search an article on Wikipedia or look up a movie’s rating on IMDb, Search Ninja promises to be your go to search app.

How to use Search Ninja

– Tap and hold a search suggestion to fill the search bar with the text instead of executing the search
– Horizontally swipe the search results webpage right / left to move to the next / previous search engine respectively
– Shake device to go back to searching
– Horizontally swipe a history / starred item to delete it
– Perform a search using a search engine not displayed on the main screen by going into the … view
– If you don’t find a search engine you like, add it using a simple 2-step wizard
– Edit the search engines displayed on the main screen in Settings. You can add, remove and rearrange them
– Horizontally swipe a search engine in … view to delete it