Dustin Moskovitz
Age: 26
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Education: Two years at Harvard University
Facebook stake: 6%
Value: $5.1 billion
He left Facebook in 2008 to start Asana, a company that builds project management software to help companies collaborate.

Eduardo Saverin
Age: 28
Residence: Miami, FL
Education: BA/BS, Harvard University
Facebook stake: 5%
Value: $4.25 billion
Saverin has been spreading his bucks around and is a major investor in a new social network called Qwiki, as well as Jumio, an online and mobile payment product.

Sean Parker
Age: 31
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Education: High School Graduate,
Oakton High School,VA
Facebook stake: 4%
Value: $3.4 billion
Ousted from Facebook in 2005 for a drug-related arrest, Parker went on to become Managing Partner of Founders Fund, a San Francisco-based venture capital shop. Parker still acts as an informal advisor to Zuckerberg.

Chris Hughes
Age: 27
Education: BA, Harvard University
ughes currently resides in New York, NY and is now Co-Founder & Executive Director of Jumo, a startup that aims to use the social web to foster long-term relationships of responsibility between individuals and organizations working to change the world.

Matt Cohler
Age: 33
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Education: BA, Yale University
Facebook stake: .8%
Value: $680 million
In 2008, Cohler left Facebook to become General Partner at the Silicon Valley venture firm Benchmark Capital.

Adam D’Angelo
Age: 26
Residence: Palo Alto, CA
Education: BA, California Institute of Technology
D’Angelo maintained the CTO position for two years before leaving in June 2009 to co-found Quora, an online database of information organized by questions and answers created by users.

Owen Van Natta
Age: 41
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Education: BA, University of California,
Santa Cruz
He left Facebook in 2008 to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Project Playlist and in 2009, became Chief Executive Officer of Myspace. In 2010, Van Natta stepped down from his Myspace position to join Zynga as Executive Vice President of Business.

Ezra Callahan
Age: 30
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Education: BS, Stanford University
Facebook stake: .08%
Value: $68 million
Callahan started doing Saverin’s work, making the co-founder’s position in the company less valuable. Credited as Facebook’ first Product Manager, Callahan later became Manager of Internal Communications during his last two years with the company. He left the Facebook team in July 2010.
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