Bribery is pretty much rampant around the world, and it happens in many facets of life.Unfortunately, it is hard to fight corruption alone. Bribespot changes the equation by giving users with smartphones and internet access a chance to report anonymously bribes.

Bribespot is an app that allows you to see how much corruption is going on around. Using your smartphone (or a website) you can report locations where bribes are requested/paid, indicate the size of a bribe and area of government affected by it.

# Bribespot app automatically gets your location and visualises bribes requested/paid around you.
# You can use Bribespot to report a bribe – just ensure the app has the right location, indicate the bribe size and choose the category.
# You can also add the story behind it using comment box. The report, the people behind the program say, is completely anonymous.

By accumulating data from thousands of anonymous users, they turn isolated users into powerful movement against corrupt individuals and institutions.

In the future, the team intends to add localized versions of the apps for specific countries and make data collected via the application to interested individuals and organizations. If you want to support these efforts, please consider donating to Bribespot.

Bribespot was developed and launched during Garage48 Tallinn startup competition in April 2011. The app is currently available on your for Android phones.