Venture Capital firms screen through hundreds–if not thousands–of investment “opportunities” each month. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, it’s important to avoid mistakes and and make the best presentation of documents, pitches and demos. The following resources will be useful as you seek funds for your startup.

  • Vfinance – A directory of venture capitalists, angel investors, and business plan templates.
  • Forbes Midas List – A list of the top 100 venture capitalists for the year 2009.
  • The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint – Before you make a powerpoint that showcases your company and how much money you are raising, you should read this.
  • How to Raise Venture Capital – An detailed overview on how you can raise money.
  • Venture Hacks – A blog for entrepreneurs that discusses everything about venture capital.
  • The Funded – An online community of entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review funding sources worldwide.-Over 200 articles and guides on everything you need to know about raising venture capital
  • How To Raise Venture Dollars – Ben Elowitz who has raised over 40 million dollars breaks down the tricks to raising money.
  • Paul Graham – Awesome essays about venture capital and entrepreneurship.
  • The Capital Fund -21 tips for SME’s Raising Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneur’s Guide To Raising Venture Capital – Over 200 articles on everything you need to know about raising venture capital.

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