SSE Labs is a start-up accelerator that provides a premier entrepreneurial experience for the best Stanford entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources they need to build the next generation of innovative companies.

The program is designed to help the most passionate and innovative Stanford students become better entrepreneurs and start their companies by providing a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in our SSE Labs office space, mentorship from successful Silicon Valley experts, and resources that most startups find out-of-reach.SSE Labs have top-tier angels, serial entrepreneurs, and industry experts who provide mentorship to our companies.

Below are 8 of the 10 startups from Labs’ spring program. (The last two aren’t quite ready for public viewing yet.) You can check these companies out live on stage at SSE’s Demo Day in Palo Alto on June 1st.

Qwhispris a team of Stanford PhDs who are building a new type of social search technology and are closing a large seed round soon.

6dot Innovations has developed the first label-maker that gives users the ability to produce Braille labels independently, in a portable and easy to use package.

WiFiSlam is commercializing indoor positioning and mapping technology.

Clear Ear is a medical device company developing devices that will provide ENT standard of care for the first time in the lower cost and more accessible primary care setting.

Game Closure offers the first practical HTML5 gaming platform.

untos Finanzas creates innovative personal finance tools that empower first-generation Latino communities.

SongSpring offers users a vast and highly available selection of music that they will be able to stream from the cloud. The service will use a consumption based model, in which users are only charged for what they actually listen to.

PredictiveEdgeis a SaaS-based e-commerce pricing solution that drives profits for online retailers by helping them set the right prices for their products.