A Los Angeles-based company has decided to build a new website that will cater specifically to programmers called SourceSale.com, according to sources.

SourceSale was born from a desire to help coders make some money on well written, efficient code and to prevent programmers from having to waste time writing code that already exists. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and we’re all programmers ourselves.

Launching sometime this month, Source Sale will accommodate two types of users: those who are looking to get source code and those who are looking to distribute it at an arranged price.

Appropriately called the “Programmer’s Marketplace,” programmers will be able to buy source code they may need for a project without having to start from scratch, while coders can make money for well-written code.

The idea was originally conceived by entrepreneur Sean McCleese—a former computer science student from Occidental College in Los Angeles.


  1. So, what happened to sourcesale.com? The website does not appear to exist, although it still shows up on a Google search. I was interested in this.

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