Imagine an inbox that isn’t cluttered with facebook notifications and newsletters, but only has real emails and the other messages are converted into what they actually are: notifications and newsletters. That is what ZeroMail promises.

ZeroMail, an Australian startup which aims to de-clutter user’s email inboxes, has launched a paid beta program offering a lifetime subscription for $100.

ZeroMail was formed last year, with the aim of allowing users to focus on the important emails and filter out the less important ones, sich as newsletters and group notifications. It hooks into already existing email accounts through providers such as Gmail, with the ultimate goal of making “email fun again.”

ZeroMail offers personalized filters for your email account to take notifications, group posts and newsletters away from your inbox and displays them in their own section.

How it work?
Zeromail connects to your existing email account to retrieve your email so you can keep your exisitng email address. After your sign up, ZeroMail copies all your email from your existing email account into ZeroMail. You can access your original email (Gmail or any IMAP email account) at any time and manage your ZeroMail account parallel to it.