QR Code Pros has announced the immediate availability of it’s new, patent pending, Total QR Code Solution qrcodepros, an online platform for creating dynamic QR codes campaigns with interactive micro-sites, mobile optimized video streaming, social sharing and detailed analytics.

QR Code Pros provides anyone selling anything to anybody the ability to automatically create a template based mobile micro-site for each QR Code. Micro-sites are mini websites optimized for viewing on a mobile device. The micro-site itself is dynamic too, having as many as ten unique actions to choose from.

From the micro-site, viewers can link to other websites, download photos and documents, fill out feedback and contest forms, view other micro-site pages, share over social networks, and watch high quality streaming videos.

Users can upload their videos into the QR Code Pro’s platform in any format where it is encoded and stored on the Akamai CDN in more than a dozen formats and sizes. When a viewer chooses to watch the video, the platform intelligently streams the correct format and size based on the viewer’s mobile device. Videos stream flawlessly to ANY web enabled mobile device.

The QR Code Solution platform makes sharing amongst friends and family simple by placing a set of social media icons at the bottom of every micro-site page.

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