Young entrepreneurs seek advice in many forms from mentors, other startup founders, investors, business advisors etc.Good concise reading can be very influential for an early stage startup founder. These articles have been read by many entrepreneurs and they have proven to be valuable and useful for starting and running your next startup.

Paul Graham’s essays are great startup resource list: Paul Graham

Rework from 37Signals: Rework

Articles and blog posts at Onstartups: Onstartups Articles

Essential list of resources for an entrepreneur at Venture Hacks: Venture Hacks Articles

Eric Ries Startup lessons learned: Great resource list from Eric Ries (Startup lessons learned)

The Founder’s Library: Collection of Must Read Articles for Entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur’s Handbook: 59 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

Chris Dixon: Things Startup Do and Don’t Need

Jun Loayza: How To Assemble The Perfect Team

There are thousands of business blogs, but here are the 50 best according to Times: The 50 best business blogs

Little Steps: : 100 Great Tips For Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started.

14 Ways To Be A Great Startup CEO: Great Startup CEO Tips

Gabriel Weinberg has a curated list of questions/answers from the early days of Hacker News: Ask Y Combinator Archive

Resources for Early Stage Entrepreneurs: Fifteen Items in the “Top 10″: Early Stage Resource Guide

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