Laura Fitton is the CEO/Founder & co-author of Twitter for @Dummies.

# She graduated from Cornell University with a BA((Environmental Science & Public Policy ) in 1994

#Laura Fitton has been speaking professionally about the business use of Twitter since October 2007, and by popular demand launched Pistachio Consulting.

#In 2009, Laura founded (@oneforty) to help people understand Twitter and the exploding ecosystem of applications and services built on it. Called “the app store for Twitter” by TechCrunch, oneforty is the place to find, rate, collect and share the best ways to use Twitter.

# Uder her Twitter handle @Pistachio, Fitton found her niche as Twitter’s expert marketer and later popping out a little book called Twitter for Dummies.

# She’s lectured at Harvard Business School, for Cornell’s Entrepreneurs’ Network (she is an alum) and at numerous conferences and other universities.

# Fitton has already gathered more than $2 million in funding. But as is evidenced on her own Twitter feed, “I am not a praying woman, but startup life, eeet makes me more contemplative and spiritual than I used to be.”

# Laura believes that everyone can benefit – dramatically – from what Twitter has to offer, and shares her own ‘isolated mom to sought-after author’ story as an example of its power to overcome isolation.

# Laura’s advice for women in the technology space:

  1. Don’t be timid about getting into any game for any reason ever.
  2. OK that’s overstating it, but if you’re hung up on reasons why you’ll have a harder time (geography, gender, nationality, experience…) then guess what? You’ll have a harder time.
  3. For every obnoxious comment or uncomfortable situation I’ve encountered as a woman in tech there were also lots of times when I got more mentoring or more attention or more support.