Twylah exists to drive deeper engagement with your Twitter followers. Twylah has designed a unique context and experience for your readers that shows them who you are and what you’re about at a glance. This context drives engagement well beyond a single tweet and into the whole of your content and biographical information, providing a richer platform for your mission, your messages, and your offers.

What you get:
1. It helps your SEO on Google and Bing.
2. It presents tweets in a much friendlier format.
3. It presents more monetization opportunities (there’s space for an ad there).
4. It lets you put this on your own domain, so your readers never need to leave your site.
5. You have control of what shows up and they won’t be distracted by other people’s tweets the way they would be if they signed into Twitter.
6. You get great stats about what your readers are clicking on.


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