Instagram has yet to officially crossover to any platform other than the iPhone and third-party developers have taking advantage of that and developed great apps to fill in the gaps. Carousel is one such app that brings your Instagram stream to the desktop.

Carousel doesn’t allow you to use photos or take pictures and upload them from your desktop, but it does let you view your stream, view the stream of other Instagram users, and like and comment on individual photos.

Carousel is a desktop app for your mac that brings the Instagram viewing experience to your desktop. You can browse your own photos, friends photos and popular photos plus commenting & liking also makes the feature list. You can also browse user profiles and follow/unfollow.

# View your Feed, Popular and Profile photos with a choice of app themes.
# Follow and explore users, like, comment, moderate comments, and more.
# Keyboard shortcuts to quickly traverse your feed, like, comment, and more.
# Drag & drop to save full-size photos to your Mac, or iPhoto