MinuteBox enables people to buy and sell expertise in units of time via a multimedia chat portal. The expert sets their per-unit fee (typically per-minute), and the user decides how much time they would like to buy with the expert.

MinuteBox connect you to an expert for you to talk to, about any problem that you just can’t solve by yourself. We believe that with a short consultation with a real expert, you can solve your problem in a time and cost efficient manner.

MinuteBox offers a simple solution for you to monetise your expertise in small units of time, on whatever social platform you are using. You can take your online reputation with you, and offer your expertise for sale directly from your blog, website and other online community websites.

Experts simply sign-in to the MinuteBox web app using their LinkedIn credentials, and then they enter their username, PayPal & Notifications email address and their desired rate, which can be per-minute, hour or day: