Thinglink, a provider of image interaction tools, changes how people interact with photos by transforming them into a navigational surface for search, commerce, and social connection.

Thinglink technology lets businesses and consumers connect their images to anywhere on the Internet. 90+ billion photos online offer rich opportunities for in-image links to engaging user experiences that will transform how we interact with images.

“Every image has a story,” says Ulla-Maaria Engeström. Engeström is the design blogger-turned-entrepreneur behind Thinglink, a Helsinki-based startup that makes image interaction tools. These tools help bloggers, photographers, bands, creatives and companies tell stories by tagging photos with music, people, places and products.

Thinglink’s image-tagging tool can be enabled on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal and Typepad sites. Users add a small snippet of code to their websites to enable Thinglink tagging. Then, you will be able to revisit photos to tag content with links, music tracks, Amazon products and even Twitter users.