AdGrok has confirmed the news on its blog that Twitter has acquired the the company. AdGrok offers a platform to help businesses manage their Google Adwords. The company built a number of tools to make the process easier for businesses to be able to gauge the performance of the keywords they’re buying, with a breakdown of the impressions, clicks, and conversion rates.

The team stated in the publication that they will be working full-time on Twitter’s revenue engineering team. They further stated that:
We are no longer accepting new customers and will cease charging our existing users immediately. We will shut down our servers on June 30th, after which the GrokBar will not be available. On June 30th, we will also unlink all customers from the AdGrok Google accounts and securely delete our databases. Performance data and campaign structures from AdGrok customers will not be shared with Twitter.

Please note that performance data and campaign structures from the campaigns you have run through AdGrok will not be affected by the shutdown of our servers; this information will continue to be accessible through your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts.

According to Techcrunch’s Alexis Tsotsis, who broke the news of the impending acquisition over the weekend, the deal was for “less than $10 million.” She also noted that it was “complicated,” surmising that this was due in part to co-founder Antonio Garcia-Martinez who recently changed his Facebook profile status to reflect that he’s a product manager at Facebook.