1. What is your competitive advantage?
  2. What is your unfair advantage; the advantage no one else has or will have?
  3. What was or will be your most important, early milestone?
  4. How are you going to make money?
  5. How do you know this is going to work?
  6. Who are you and what have you done previously
  7. What do you need to make this successful and how are you going to get it?
  8. Who is your first customer?
  9. How will you get to 100 or 1,000 customers?
  10. Who do you need to hire, when, and how are you going to recruit the right talent?
  11. what’s your business all about?
  12. What’s the barrier to entry for competition?
  13. What’s going to stop big monster company in your space from copying you?
  14. Why are you raising the money you want to raise?
  15. How far does that money get you?
  16. What’s your marketing strategy?
  17. What’s the team look like? What are your backgrounds?
  18. Who else have you spoken to?
  19. How easily can you be copied?
  20. Who are your competitors and how are you better/different?

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