BoomStartup is a mentorship-driven investment program focusing its efforts on providing money, mentors, and markets for its energetic tech entrepreneur participants.

The mentoring program at BoomStartup is designed to provide new companies with access to potential investors by helping them improve the appeal of their operations. BoomStartup invests about $15,000 in each company participating in its program. The following startups have been selected for the summer 2011 program.

1. ChampionVillage provides an online gaming community for children that includes fitness and security features.

2. CircleFive,  is a social media platform permitting residential service companies to check in at the homes of customers as well as encourage customer testimonials and referrals.

3., is an online utility allowing people to search and share locations for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

4. FaceTags, provides facial mapping and recognition software that links an image among online content and mobile devices.

5.GolfComplete, offers an online marketplace to help connect golf courses with users looking for discounts and other benefits.

6. OER Glue, provides an avenue to locate open-license content available for teaching purposes.

7. Jumbas,  provides a single online source for the top daily shopping deals in various cities.

8. PromoKube,  is an application allowing users to load coupons onto their smart phones or mobile devices for point of sale redemption.

9. Proz, provides web-based access to business management applications, an online referral center to professional business services, and web community pages.

10. VuTherapy, which offers an online marketplace for introducing therapists to prospective patients and allows therapists to access to an online patient management application.